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Below Mistakes made by Competition

When some of our customers tried to find the the way to make cheaper loadings, see what happens below:
Competition did not drain oil...

       Equipment was located in middle of nowhere, and customer wanted to save money on trucking. He found some local person close to auction, who said he can do what we do. My client trusted the guy. 2 containers got stopped at port leaking oil. My client got charged clean up fee-8500$. You think it was worht it?

EPA has strict laws, once container leaking, you can't remove it from port-you have to pay special crew to go inside port and clean the mess- and that is never cheap.

Cutting equipment, so it fit in container.

     Customer bought equipment and was trying to save money on trucking. He trusted people who sold equipment can handle the loading it in containers. I say Dismantling and Loading in Containers equipment -is like art. Nobody can do better Artwork  then we do. Each time we got piece of equipment and need to laod-each time we create masterpiece. No equipment is same. When you work with us, you know you can sleep well. Here you see many examples how people cut equipment in pieces without any regards to client. Most those untis become worthless when cut like this.

Why you have to Load &Secure in container properly?

It is not enough to Dismantle Equipment and Load it in Container.. Once it is inside-you have to make sure it is stay there without moving. Containers will be sailing on rough waters, and also traveling on rails and by truck. You have to make sure it is Secured in profesional matter. You can't juts drop it in and close doors, hoping for the best. Also if you load stick out from container too much-your customer will get penalized also. Pictures there shows how little people know about securing equipment in containers.

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