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Our Services Includes:

        Our company mission is to help out of country buyers to Export from different Auctions and Dealers-Equipmet they purchased. We have best rates for Dismantling and Loading any kind of Equipment to FlatRacks and Containers. If Equipment needs to be Dismantled-we are the only company in the field, who provide high standart Dismantling and Loading services.  We Load What Others Can't Load!

Dismantling &Containerizing

  We help to fill your needs between fast deliveries and cheap rates. There are many different ways to get better rates-sometimes if you willing to take longer route, or use company who don't get exact ontime for their delivery dates-you can get cheap rates. But if your order must be delivered ontime-we have to find carrier we can trust to deliver on schedule, and that ussualy means little more money for service performed right! We help you with RORO, Flatrack, Breakbulk or Containers rates to anyplace in the world.

We Load What Others Can't Load!

Flat Rack Loading

    From Trucks, Bulldozers and Cranes to Excavators and Loaders we Load what Others can't Load! You can't shock us-we have seen it all! No other company can dismantle your equipment faster than we do.   If you need quality work done in shortest time-we don't  mind to work 24/7 for you. Flat Racks is just another Export method we pefecting for you each day. Try us, and you will be very happy with great results!

We Load What Others Can't Load!

Inland Freight

When you need Inland Trucking done right-you can trust our partners to help you. We will drop your unit ontime for RORO departure date, or pick up your unit from the auction ontime. We guarantee to pick up your unit from ANYWHERE in USA Running or Not-Running in 10 days or less. And car in 5 days or less. Yes-we are that good! And if you have time to wait-we can find price wcih won't brake your back! We here to get you Fast and Reliable Service for a fair rate. Or we can dedicate time and get you cheap rate-even if it takes few weeks, juts so you won't have to overspend your budget!

We Load What Others Can't Load!

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